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No matter your lost youth, these are possibly the best zombie games for PC. The very best zombie games are:

Zombie Night is one of the earliest zombie games to be released on PC and it still has a lot of popularity. It is perhaps best known as the ‘zombid’ game, but it really was a ground breaking game. You play as a security guard in a town called quarantine. The remaining humans have decided to go on the run and if you are man enough to join them you get the chance to tag along and help them on their dangerous journey. You must survive the infected and blood thirsty zombies that try to kill you as you try to save the rest of the town.

ZombieTown is quite another early access zombie games for PC game. It gives you the opportunity to save the undead from themselves and fight for survival against the hordes of the undead. In this early access demo you get to help out the survivors of the town, as well as preventing the evil forces from taking over the world. You can help the survivor by destroying the undead and preventing them from entering the city gates.

Day of the Dead is arguably the best zombie games for any other genre of computer role-playing games. As one of the early entries into the undead fantasy genre, it remains popular today amongst fans of all ages. If you loved the original Dead Rising games, then you will love this version of the story. You get to help Willy’s family deal with the outbreak, while also going after the infamous mugger that killed his family.

The undead in the first game were very frightening and this translated very well into the look and feel of the undead in undead games like Dead Rising. They are more than just walking zombies though, and now come in many different types including zombie children, zombie adults, and even a few really scary looking zombies. The first game was intense, because we weren’t quite sure just how severe the outbreak would be and some of the infected looked like they were ready to kill everyone in sight. Today, the zombies seem more like a normal run of the mill creatures but you get the same intense feeling when you are seeking shelter in one of the many zombies rich games have to offer.

While there are plenty of zombie games for you to play today, the original Dead Rising is still one of the more fun and most remembered versions of the undead horror game. Who doesn’t remember the crazy guys in green jumpsuits chopping up the poor undead? Even if you never played the original, you have to give it a try if you have a chance, as it is still one of the scariest games out there on the PC. Zombie games have become incredibly dark and intense, bringing some of the worse fears of man into the horror genre. Give the Dead Rising franchise a try, you might find your new favorite undead killing way back at you!

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