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The Tactical Games developed by Polar Motion are designed to offer a platform for tactical players from all backgrounds to test their skills and readiness for military action. The games developed by Polar Motion include: Urban Military, Urbanicide, War raging, Custer, War at Dawn, Twilight Frontier, Fall of Rome and many more. These games test players with their ability to react in various situations which require planning and speedy thinking. The games developed by Polar Motion also involve different levels of play ranging from the easy level to the difficult one and this allows players to determine their own skill level.

In each game mode provided by the Polar Motion games, the players have to use their tactical abilities to overcome the enemy and achieve the objective laid before them. The games have been categorised into different game types namely: Campaign, Skirmish, Civilisational and PvP. Each of the game types have different objectives. In the Campaign mode, the players take control of a squad and have to win the game within a given time frame and the winning side becomes the player’s hero. In the Skirmish and Civilisational modes, the players have to survive in hostile territory and perform different tasks to achieve the goal.

The three-dimensional style of the Polar Motion games renders it an exciting experience for the players to learn and observe the tactics and skills required to win the game. The game mechanics revolve around a simple yet addictive game theory. The game mechanics revolve around “intrinsic motivation” which is a core component of all psychological strategies used by players. This intrinsic motivation is what drives a person to achieve a goal by using his or her inherent strengths and abilities. Although there may be other external factors such as superior technical support or overwhelming force, it is the internal logic and the mental processes that lead people to act and react in certain ways and achieve success.

There are various ways to boost this internal logic and mental skills like practicing by shooting at a target. In fact, shooting is a perfect testing ground for developing good tactical skills. The shooting range provides a range of targets which the player can use to practice and sharpen his or her skills. Although it is important to get used to firing a weapon accurately, it is also equally important not to shoot at targets beyond the point of aim. The shooter needs to maintain a constant distance between himself or herself and the target so as to avoid hitting the innocent bystanders.

Likewise, in games such as shooting, the athlete has to use his or her physical and mental talents to outwit the target. Therefore, the player needs to possess a high degree of expertise in shooting. It is not only the expertise in shooting that helps them win but it is also essential to hone their strategic thinking skills. Tactical games require a lot of strategic thinking and players need to apply a well thought out strategy after every game session. In addition to strategic thinking, tactical games also require the athlete to be highly adaptable and flexible.

Finally, strategic thinking, technical skills, and adaptability are essential in winning. If any one of these skills is missing, it is quite obvious that the player will never be able to win a particular game and will always be at a disadvantage when compared to other players. Therefore, an athlete who wants to become a professional shooter needs to enhance all of the above mentioned skills so as to increase their chances of becoming a champion.

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