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Medieval games are incredibly popular and can be found online just about anywhere. Medieval enthusiasts of all ages enjoy playing Age of Conan, Baldur’s Gate, or even the Lord of the Rings Online as their very own fantasy role playing game. However, with the popularity of these games have come a number of imitators. If you’re looking for a good game, you want to know what to look for to make sure that you get a true medieval game!

Medieval bannerlord games are definitely not a hit among other RTS games. Strangely, medieval wars with actual castles, villages, and cities are, after all, no foundation for a society of rulership. Likewise, a level twenty Necromancer fighting a level ten barbarian wearing a ratty potato bag is no foundation for an exciting game. Nothing is as rewarding as setting your feet on the ground in your kingdom, surrounded by your own people, and laying down the law with a well-placed banner lord.

The problem with many medieval games is that battles are too one-sided. Sometimes, there is only one winner, and if the remainder of the battlefield is not so favorable to the side with the better overall forces, then the entire objective of the game is pointless. The point of any video game should be to win, and in a medieval game, that means capturing castles and razing towns instead of taking out the fortresses with overwhelming force. One would think that the technologically advanced barbarian nation with the best weapons and most proficient archers could easily defeat their vastly outnumbered, but technologically inferior, medieval games’ civilizations every time.

Another common complaint against medieval games is that they usually lack any kind of non-linearity. For instance, in a game where you choose to either have a religious Catholic faction win over the evil clericalists, or the evil wizard and his magical army of necromancers win over the technologically superior wizards and archers, you still end up with one group of people occupying the land and one group of people ruling it. Medieval gamers soon grew weary of choosing between these two factions, and so the genre became known as Total War.

However, there is one thing that video game developed medieval games have in comparison to the Middle Ages: diversity. In the middle ages, everyone was defined by race and religion. This meant that everyone, regardless of how powerful they were, was either peasants or slaves. One of the most innovative games developed for the genre is Fall of Rome, which combines historical detail with real time play. Fall of Rome successfully captures the feel of the ancient world, while presenting the viewer with interesting characters.

This leaves the question open: what are the best medieval games? The answer, simply, is Medieval Crusade. Created by a group of enthusiasts who worked on Age of Conan, Medieval Crusade looks like it might be the best MMORPG to date, combining the fun of Medieval history with the depth of a modern digital world. By creating a new storyline based on real events in the fall of the Roman Empire, Medieval Crusade gives you a great reason to get out of your house and into the game. If you’re tired of playing the same old games over, why not give Medieval Crusade a try?

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