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Are you a fan of frozen games? If so, then I am sure that you must have heard about the latest version of the Frozen game or the newest one-The Frozen Wildfire. If you are not familiar with the cartoon then it is no big deal for me. Well, if you are not a big fan of the Disney film than I would suggest you start with this review before going any further.

Frozen Free Fall is an extremely addicting game based off of the famous animated film Frozen. It has been released on the App store in November 2021. I was one of the first people who have downloaded it and I loved it. This is my new favorite animated florists game and I highly recommend this for anyone who loves cartoons or fantasy games.

In the game of Frozen Wildfire, you play as both an adventurous young girl and a snowman. The girl can be anywhere in time during the whole game as long as you have access to a fireplace. While the snowman will stay in the present time, he cannot travel back in time. What makes this game so great is that it is set in the snowy North where snowman’s can still travel back and forth into the past and future. You can even see the ever changing snowflake patterns on the trees in the background when you are playing the game.

The story line of Frozen Wildfire is centered on three love birds who escaped from the woods. They had crash landed on a huge frozen island and were frozen solid. As I mentioned earlier, they cannot travel back to their own time. They are therefore looking for a way to melt back to their normal bodies so that they can live again. The two princesses who are trying to help them are the Snow Queen and the Snow King.

For your little girl’s birthday, let her have a princess Disney Frozen party. She will have a wonderful time decorating her room with little Disney character posters and wall stickers. You can also go online to purchase some really great Disney themed products for her party. After dinner games can include a freeze tag ice game and a princess treasure hunt.

The land of Arendelle is also included in the Frozen series. This is where the main character, Alyssa, lives. As you travel around in the Disney world, you will see ice castles and picturesque streets. The interesting part about this land is that your sister can meet the characters from both the Frozen movies and the animated television series. As you are planning your daughter’s next birthday party, think about the fun things you can do to help her not only enjoy her party, but to also create a world that looks like what she sees in the movies and cartoons.

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