Stickman games generally cover almost every game genre imaginable. There is only one real difference though. You usually play as an anthropomorphic stick figure, frequently fighting other anthropomorphically designed stick figures in the game world. Aside from that, they’re just like any other old games.

There are first-person shooter games, first-person platformers, fighting games, RPG’s, and even multiplayer matches with 3D graphics. All of these have been retrofitted to be suitable gaming consoles by the time we reach today, but the basic structure stays the same. Usually, the player is tasked to do some kind of action-packed task, complete with platform jumping, turning around, fighting enemies, grabbing items and weapons and so on. But each level is always filled with more action as the story unfolds along with the stickman’s quest to save his beloved girlfriend from the clutches of the evil villain, played by the game’s antagonist.

The best stickman games all share the same basic mechanic – you have to kill as many enemies as possible and solve puzzles to progress further. This involves lots of running and leaping back and forth between moving platforms and fighting enemy soldiers. Sometimes, your aim is also to get as far as possible, since destroying an entire wave of opponents helps you progress. In some cases, flying through an air vent will cause an entire wave of enemies to plummet to the ground.

Some stickman games are single player, while others are multi-player games where you can play with other players online too. There is quite a difference in the playing mechanics of these two varieties. In single player stickman games (sometimes called ” TD” games), the objective is only to get your stick man through a particular level. Once you’ve done that, the game ends.

In multi-player stickman games, your objective is not so simple anymore. Your goal is to shoot your way to the finish line as well as to score the most points. Points are given for shooting enemies, destroying or avoiding obstacles, and driving your stick figure through mazes. Some of the best stickman games include Gunstar, Bubble Bath, Stickman Hook, Cactus Canyon, Time Killer, Dr. Zombies, Speedball, etc. The best stickman shooting games include Manhunt, Conflict Vietnam, Battlefront, etc. and all these can be found free online.

Stickman fighting games give players an option to either play as a lone character or as a group of fighters. To be able to win fights, you need to learn how to strategically shoot, attack, and defend yourself from your opponent. If you’re up against a large number of stickmen, it’s best to go solo. On the other hand, if you’re part of a group, you can combine your skills and beat your opponents; just make sure you’re the one who causes the most damage to your opponent first.